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The ZIMIX Festival 2022 is an intercultural and intergenerational music event in the heart of western Lausanne. A festive weekend in Lausanne on Saturday 25 June 2022 under the sign of the openness and diversity that Switzerland embodies. The current music in the spotlight is the music in full expansion in the world and honoured by MKC EVENTS through the concerts organised since its creation and the first edition of ZIMIX Festival 2021.

ZIMIX Festival 2021

With the relaxations and test measures announced this summer by the Federal Council for public events, we have taken the initiative with our partners to propose to you this autumn the organisation of the ZIMIX Festival 2021 over two days in the symbolic venue of the Salle de spectacles in Renens. A room where the retro charm of the fifties rubs shoulders with high-performance technical installations.


After the call from the Confederation and the Cantons to encourage cultural businesses to reorient themselves structurally in order to secure their future, MKC responded favorably by launching adapted to the pandemic, the KAMSPF 2021. It is an innovative, public-interest project that helps revitalize Swiss cultural life and participate in the revival of the economy within the cultural community.

The KAMSPF can organized whatever the sanitary conditions.

ZIMIX Festival 2020

Always with this desire to unite around music, The Zimix Festival is an intercultural and intergenerational world music event that will be held each year in the heart of western Lausanne in Renens. It is part of the tradition of openness and diversity that embodies Switzerland. It is the continuity of the musical concerts and successful cultural dance evenings organized by MKC EVENTS for several years. It aims to be one of the flagship festivals in intercultural diversity in French-speaking Switzerland.