MKC EVENTS KPOP is the new section of MKC EVENTS that is specifically dedicated to Korean, and Asian pop in general. We are pioneers in organising events of this kind in Switzerland; on 16 April this year, we organised the first KPOP concert in Switzerland, producing the Korean group MCND during their European tour.




Our vision is to become an internationally recognised player in the organisation of KPOP and Asian concerts in Switzerland within the next two years.

The KPOP and Asian music community is growing, and we want to give the community the opportunity to come together, through several events to allow fans to connect digitally as well as face to face.

Kpop Missions

Our main mission is to reach out to the Swiss public and bring you quality Asian and KPOP music events in Switzerland.

We are working harder to please the Swiss fans and to offer several concerts of KPOP, JPOP, and other Asian music per year. Between 2022 and 2023, we hope to organise between 3 and 4 concerts.

To do this, we have to show the producers that Swiss fans are motivated and present! That’s why we have created social networks especially for the occasion: @mkcevents.kpop !


Through its events and actions, MKC wishes to promote world music styles and encourage intercultural exchanges. The notions of solidarity, sharing and discovery are at the heart of all its actions

ObJEctifs 2022

L’objectif principal de 2022 est le suivant : atteindre une audience comprise en 5’000 et 10’000 abonnés sur nos pages Instagram, TikTok et Twitter @mkcevents.kpop afin que les producteurs asiatiques s’intéressent à notre beau petit pays et décident de passer par la Suisse !

Nous comptons sur vous pour faire tourner l’information afin d’avoir des événements d’exceptions l’année prochaine. 

D’ailleurs, peut-être qu’une surprise arrive en fin d’année 2022.. alors restez connecté.e.s !! 

Our future events

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