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Yes, for safety and liability reasons…

Our online ticketing partners accept credit cards (mastercard, visa, prepaid) as well as Swiss debit cards.

👉 International credit card (Visa and MasterCard)

👉 Bank transfer with Swiss bank cards 🇨🇭 (PostFinance and Maestro)

In the context of our concerts, Swiss legislation is applied: young people under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a legal representative and/or a delegated responsible person. A simple authorisation is in principle not sufficient. It is impossible for us to check each and every person attending our events, so you are solely responsible to the police in the event of a check.

The accompanying person (adult) may hold a ticket of a different category than the minor. All minors must be accompanied by an adult when checking tickets at the door.

Tickets are transmitted in e-ticket format.

👉 When paying by credit card, the e-ticket is sent immediately with the order confirmation.

👉 When paying by debit card (bank transfer), the e-ticket is sent immediately or 24 hours later depending on your bank.

Refunds are not possible unless you have taken out insurance with the point of sale.

Please return to the point of sale where the purchase was made within 30 days.

Reselling your ticket privately or giving it as a gift to someone is possible. We only check IDs to verify the age of the ticket holder

For safety reasons, objects such as helmets, folding chairs, umbrellas and flagpoles are strictly FORBIDDEN. On each of our events a locker is at your disposal.

Yes, because everyone must have a ticket to enter the hall.

Depending on our events, you will find drinks and exotic fast food

At present, this option is not available. However, we are working on it to reduce your stress before a ticket office opens.

Yes, it is possible to pay with cash in Euros and get your money back in Swiss Francs. However, for a simplification, the exchange rate is parity. 1 EURO = 1 CHF